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Hatched. That's what they say: "She couldn't have been born...she was hatched!"

Thinking about it, it makes sense...kind'll see.

It all began with an Easter Egg, a very large Easter Egg. I, along with other seasonably pastel decked-out children, had to run to the egg, then wave goodbye. A cute closing for a Castner-Knott commercial. I was about 3 years old.

32. The same age that Sally Rand became THE fan dancer, and I spread my new found wings as Big City Burlesque & Vaudeville's featured fan dancer. It was just after my birthday. What a present!

It's been since 2002 until my retirement in 2010 that I flew high with BCB & V as an award winning burly-queen and an alternate for BHOFW Best Debut in 2007. The character of Diamond Ice has been retired as well.

Having been asked to work outside of our troupe's all vintage focus, I've re-hatched myself as the Chameleon Queen of Rock 'n Rollesque.

From the swan-like Diamond Ice of Big City Burlesque & Vaudeville to the multi-faceted

I am Chameleon Queen...are you ready to fly with me?



gallery images used with the kind permission of Dim Horizon Studios, Derek Jackson Photography and Moonbird Studios.